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28 Bronze Fingers: Contemporary Art Sculpture. Bronze Finger Photography by Tim Kendall Rectangle


Bronze Editions

AVAILABLE for PURCHASE - a full edition of the 28 bronzes fingers AND some individual bronzes. A certificate of authenticity signed by Joanna Brown and photographs of the contributors are included with each piece. If you are interested please contact Joanna Brown ( for more information.

Four sets of bronzes were made. Three of them were kept as full sets of 28 fingers and one was split into the individual bronzes. One of the three editions is reserved for a public art collection.

The Charity Auction

One of the editions of Twentyeight Fingers was auctioned in London on Wednesday 13th November 2013 by Freedom from Torture. The following charities have benefited from the project:

Freedom from Torture

Freedom from Torture is the only national organisation in the UK dedicated solely to the rehabilitation of torture survivors, with treatment centres in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle. In 2011 the organisation received referrals for help from over 1,500 people who came from more than 80 different countries, including high numbers from Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The services provided include medical consultation, forensic documentation of torture and a variety of psychological therapies. Among the range of group therapies facilitated by Freedom from Torture, creative approaches, such as art therapy, are an invaluable part of the holistic approach the organisation takes to meet the complex and diverse needs of survivors of torture living in the UK.

The Art House

The Art House was established to create the integration of disabled and non-disabled artists. Founded in response to barriers to the visual arts, including a profound lack of physically accessible studio space, the organization provides a wide ranging artistic programme and inclusive, flexible and innovative workspace where technicians enable disabled artists and craftspeople to create new work alongside their non-disabled peers.

28 Bronze Fingers: Contemporary Art Sculpture. Bronze Finger Photography by Tim KendallRectangle

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