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28 Bronze Fingers: Mary Quant, Ed Ruscha, Mona Hatoum, Edmund de Waal; Contemporary Art and Photography by Joanna Brown


The Project

The initial idea for the art piece arose during a conversation between Fine Art Masters students from the University of Leeds in spring 2007. Over the last five years, Joanna Brown has developed and realised the idea. In the first few months the artists Victoria Lucas and Paula Flemming assisted on the project. The artist Nicholas Hedges has given unwavering support throughout. In the later stages Tim Kendall brought his expertise to the photography of the fingers, Nicky Gyopari proof read the book, Laura Hall put together the press release and Tim Hainsworth helped with database set up. During the life time of the project, many others have assisted behind the scenes (see below).


The project is grateful for the support it has received from Alec Tiranti Ltd, Butler,Tanner and Dennis, GP Products, Media Trust, Parkwood Arts and Wrightson and Platt.

28 Fingers: Moulds, Photography by Joanna Brown28 Fingers: Positives, Photography by Joanna Brown

A special thanks also goes to all the contributors and to those that have helped behind the scenes especially Nicholas Hedges, and also Vic Allen, Steven Anderson, Tizer Bailey-Wood, Janey Bain, Stacey Blackman, Mark Blagden, Catherine Bonney-Murrell, Daren Booth, Tricia Buckingham, Ruth Camm, Emma Carter, Marika Chaplais, Clare Chapman, Anna Clough, Michaela Collins, Wendy Cook, Lauren Craig, Anne Cunningham, Mary Dean, James Dunne, Dr Yilmaz Dziewior, Paula Fleming, Andrew Josh Georgiou, Sam Gillet, Claire Ginn, Tom Gloyns, Luan Gray, Rebecca Gray, Nicky Gyopari, Tim Hainsworth, Pippa Hale, Laura Hall, Victoria Hands, Colin Harris, Beth Heaney, Alexandra Hill, Lotte Hobbs, John Hornsby, Briony Horwitz, Diane Hume, Minni Jain, David Jones, Caroline and Tim Kendall, Angie Last, Pete Lazenby, Aled Lewis, Nadine Lockyer, Victoria Lucas, Tala Mahjoub, Hannah McDowall, Dale McFarland, Jane Molloy, Kate Moncrieff, Pete Morton, Alan Murrin, Stefania Nepi, Alice O'Reilly, Roger Palmer, John and Rose Partington, Linda Pellegrini, Brian Perry, Roxanne Peters, Dr Rosanna Di Pinto, Griselda Pollock, Melanie Prince, Janis Rafailidou, Mat Riches, Ella Riley, Mel Risebrow, Maggie Ryan, Titti Santini, Justin Seviour, Anna Sheppard, David Sowerby, Chris Taylor, Mandy Taylor, Nerissa Taysom, Anita Tscherne, Paola Uberti, Voirrey Watterson, Helga Watts, Alice Wood, Yim Ju Youn, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds, National Trust, Royal Academy of Arts, Dean Clough, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Media Trust, Bodleian Libraries, Vatican Museums, Victoria and Albert Museum, The Highbury Centre, Station Garage and South Parade Baptist Church.


The photographs on this site have been taken by Joanna Brown and Tim Kendall. Tim is responsible for the photographs of the bronze and glass fingers and Joanna for the photographs of the contributors.


28 Bronze Fingers: Hugh Masekela, Richard Billingham, Roger McGough, Cornelia Parker; Contemporary Art and Photography by Joanna Brown

© Joanna Brown 2017